Photography Courses – Sydney

Do you want to learn photography with me? Take it up as a new hobby or learn a skill that may bring you some extra income down the road. Or maybe just learn to use that big, expensive camera that you bought and only use it in Auto Mode.

Learn the best camera settings for landscape photography, portraits or night photography. Learn from practicing professional photographer how to shoot beautiful portraits by focusing on your model and isolating it from a blurry background. Learn how to take great images of your children. In my private photography courses I will teach you how to control the Shutter Speed to take amazing images of waterfalls or fireworks or how to control your camera in Manual mode and take beautiful landscape photographs of Sydney at night.

This photography workshop is ideal for beginners who are new to digital photography and for enthusiast who’d like to take their photography to the next level. Book a photography workshop with me and I’ll help you become a better photographer.

Private Photography Workshop


  • Workshop duration: From 2 Hours
  • Investment: $90 an hour, 2 hours minimum (invite another person FREE)

Popular workshop types:

  • Photography and camera fundamentals
  • Learn portrait photography
  • Learn landscape and night photography
  • Learn about light and composition
  • Flash photography with on and off-camera flash, or studio strobes

If you want me to find a model for the shoot, I’m happy to do that too. Their prices will vary, depending on the type of the shoot and experience, but as a guide, expect the following

  • Model for portrait shoot – from $30 and hour

One-on-one, personal tuition with an experienced, professional photographer. Perfect for those who prefer personal attention from the tutor rather than a class environment.

Learn to shoot in Manual mode. If you are a beginner, you will come out of this workshop being able to confidently operate your camera in manual mode, which is a fundamental knowledge for every photographer. If you’re an enthusiast, you may want to learn more advanced techniques in lighting, composition or posing.

You will learn these skills at your own pace, with your own camera equipment and with your instructor’s feedback guiding you every step of the way. Our instructions and explanations are always in plain English with plenty of practice to cement that new knowledge. We will tailor this workshop to cover topics you are most interested in and skills that you want to develop.

Perhaps you just bought a new SLR camera and want to learn how to use it properly or maybe you had your camera for years and always shot in Auto mode. Maybe you just need more experience in composition, posing techniques or understanding of light. Whatever you choose to learn, one thing is certain; you will come away a better photographer than you were before.

  • Location: I run the workshops in Hurstville, however, if you have a favorite spot for Landscape or Night photography we can arrange the workshop anywhere in the Sydney metro area.
  • Suitable for: Anyone. From an absolute beginner to a knowledgeable enthusiast. No understanding of photography is required – just a bit of passion for it.
  • You decide what you want to learn Private photography workshop will be tailored exactly to your individual needs. Learn the fundamentals of photography – the co-relation between the Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO to achieve correct exposure in different light conditions. Learn how to photograph your children, take amazing landscapes or night photographs, learn how to photograph products for your eBay store. Our photography course is a mixture of theory and practice. We will cover the theory contained in our workshop notes and cement that knowledge immediately by taking pictures of your favorite subjects.
  • Learn about your own camera Bring your own camera and lenses. Learn and understand all the important settings to get the most out of your own gear. Save a lot of time in a 1-on-1 workshop learning only things that are relevant to you. We will cover every button and dial on your camera; explain what they do and when to use them
  • Get tips on the right camera gear and software If you are planning to upgrade your camera, get info on best equipment to get and where to get it. Get tips on essential accessories to take your photography to the next level. Tripods, reflectors, soft-boxes, remote flash triggers. Overview of the best image management software.
  • Workshop aim This workshop is meant to be flexible. If you are a beginner you can invest 3 hours in learning to operate your own camera; to understand all the buttons on it, what they do and how to use them to control your camera to achieve perfect exposure. If you are an experienced amateur you can choose to learn advanced lighting techniques; On and off-camera flash with remote flash triggers; etc. The real aim of this photography workshop is to make you a better photographer, no matter what your current skill level is.

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About my photography workshops

My goal in my photography workshops is always to teach something. Private photography lessons are the best way to insure that my students come out of the workshops knowing more than they did before.

One of the most frequent complaint I heard from my students is that when they attended a large group photography workshop they learned absolutely nothing and just got even more confused than they were before. In my private photography lessons I can go as slow or fast as necessary to deliver knowledge my students can digest and understand. I don’t need to stick to a particular curriculum, I don’t need to rush through my material. I’d rather my students learned and understood a few great new things about photography than being introduced to 20 new concepts, and understanding none of them.

In my new group photography workshops I will try to keep to my promise of teaching something to everyone who attends. I am not comfortable taking anyone’s money and giving them nothing in return. In fact, if you feel that you missed something or you think that you need more time to digest the material, if my next class is not full, you can repeat the workshop for free. I would never promise anyone that I can teach them photography is a few hours. I’ve been a student of this art form for the last 25 years and I still learn something new and exciting almost every day.

My goal is to de-mystify the process of taking pictures. To show and explain in simple words what it takes to make an image, and to prove that technically speaking there is really nothing to it. By removing the mystery from the process of taking a picture we open ourselves to infinite possibilities of creative expression.

My workshops are never about what camera brand to use, what gear to buy or upgrade. I do my best to persuade my students not to worry too much about the gear, be happy with the camera they have and just concentrate on the art. There are always some photographers who still insist that if only they had better and more expensive lens their photography would improve. In this case I always suggest to buy the best and most expensive lens there is. Once they are in possession of something that cannot be surpassed, they may stop blaming the gear and actually learn how to take pictures.

My message to those obsessed with getting new, better or shinier gear is this: Just about any camera manufactured in the last couple of years will be better than anything Henri Cartier-Bresson or Ansel Adams had access to 60 years ago. When they start taking their pictures off the walls of museums and art galleries to make room for your pictures, then you may have exhausted the capability of your camera, and maybe it’s time to upgrade.

I don’t want to suggest that gear has no impact on the quality of produced images, but it’s certainly not the most important factor. If during my photography workshop I notice that my student wants to re-create an image they saw on the internet and their camera or lens is not capable of it, I will suggest an upgrade.

In most cases it will be someone who wants to take a picture of their children with nice blurry background. Kit lenses that most cameras come with are not capable of a great portrait. I will then suggest investing in a prime lens with longer focal length and aperture of about f1.8. My suggestion, however will not cost them thousands of dollars, maybe hundreds, and often just dozens of dollars if they are adventurous enough to get and use some of the great old manual lenses on ebay.

My private photography courses or the group workshops are meant to teach you becoming a better photographer, using the gear you already have. I am always open to questions and happy to explain in detail any concept that you are struggling with. In a photography workshop environment you will be able to not just hear the answer, but also see how to solve the problem and that will make it so much easier to understand.

Whether you choose a private photography lesson or join our group photography workshop I am pretty sure you will come out a better photographer. I will teach you how to control your camera, explain how to decide on your aperture value, shutter speed and Iso, but most importantly, how to use your camera as a tool to achieve what is the real goal of every photographer – great images.

If you take one of my advanced classes I will teach you “how to see”. Don’t laugh. Our brains are conditioned to skip over most of what we see and only just notice things that practically scream at us. A photographer will notice infinitely more details in a frame than an average person. We actually have to force ourselves to notice things. Little things sometimes that often give us so much pleasure to observe.

I will also make you obsessed about light, not about gear. If you learn to see the light, photographically, you will be better than most photographers, even the professionals. With our obsessions about gear we forgot what photography actually is. It literally means “painting with light”. Come to my photography workshops in Sydney and let’s start painting. * #