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Your picture is the most important part of your online dating profile

It’s a sign of our times. If you want to impress someone reading your Tinder or Hinge dating profile, you need a good photo. Everyone is scrolling through profiles on dating websites so quickly, you only get one chance to make a good impression. The average time a Tinder or Hinge user looks at a profile is about half a second. Make it count.

A professional online dating photo will make you stand out from the sea of blurry selfies and awkwardly posed snapshots.



Option 1


  • 30 min photography
  • 1-2 looks
  • All good images from the shoot (20+)
  • Delivered electronically

Option 2


  • 1 hour photography
  • Multiple (2-3) looks
  • All good images from the shoot (40+)
  • Delivered electronically

Option 3


  • 2 hours of photography
  • Multiple (4+) looks
  • Choice of location
  • All good images from the shoot (80+)
  • Delivered electronically

We offer professional retouching. The price is $25 for 1 or $100 for 5 images.





We will help you make a great first impression

If you’re nervous or unsure about doing a portrait session, I don’t blame you. Not many people like being photographed and that includes me, but don’t worry about your session. It’s my job to direct you with the posing and I will make sure you look good even if you’ve never been in front of the camera.

I’ve been an online dating photographer here in Sydney for almost 10 years now.  The best advice I can give you is to relax and leave it to me. I will show you the right poses, help you with wardrobe choices, find the best angles to take your photographs. But most importantly I’ll make you comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. You’ll go away with great images and you may even enjoy the photo session. Most people do.

Depending on the option you choose, you may have a number of headshots, half and full body pictures, and you can use them not only on your Tinder or dating profile but update your Facebook or LinkedIn profiles as well. If all that sounds good to you then email me to book your online dating portrait session.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if . . .

I hate being photographed too, and I’m a photographer. It’s just not something we naturally do. Most of us were not born Instagram models. Everyone else gets a little awkward in front of the camera. That is OK and it’s perfectly normal.

It’s my job to put you at ease and to help you relax, and I’m pretty good at it. I can promise you that pretty much everyone ends up enjoying the photography session. 

You mean when your friends tag you in a picture where they look awesome and you are half way through your potato chip?
Or because you often have this fake smile on your face, the one your grandma taught you?
Or maybe because you always pose so stiff, like a kid in a school photograph…

– Don’t worry, this session is all about you. I will direct you, pose you and photograph you from angles that make you look your best. These may be the best pictures you have ever taken…

We will shoot in public places as we want to maintain authenticity. However, we’ll find spots with few people so you’ll feel comfortable and confident.

The best solution to this problem I got from one of my clients. The lady lived in northern beaches of Sydney, but requested a photo session in Hurstville. Why? She didn’t care who saw her during the session, because, most likely, she will never, ever see them again.

Send us an email and we’ll help you prepare for the session. Suggest the right type of clothing, shoes, jewellery.

You really don’t need anything other than your chosen outfits. Maybe a prop that can be used in a couple of images. Something like a football, a book, bicycle, etc. 

The best photographs are those showing you do things that you enjoy.

For women, makeup is a good option. You can do it yourself or get it done in a shop or a department store. We can also organise a makeup artist for you if you wish at an additional cost. 

Often a simple makeup you do yourself and a proper retouching of a few images may be a better option. Makeup hides skin imperfections, a retouch removes them altogether. I do not recommend editing your images that change the shape of your face or your body, however, if you do get things like a double chin or suffer from a bit too much skin acne, makeup will not help you with those.

My retouching will remove temporary skin imperfections much better than any foundation would. I can retouch 1 image for you for $30, or 4 images for $100

If you’re a man, a makeup session is not recommended. It just never looks good. You either wear your pimples with pride, book your session when your skin is good or spend a bit more on my professional retouching.

We’d be happy to organise a makeup artist for you for your online dating photography session. You can get your makeup and hair done before the session, or you can even have an MUA stay with you for the entire time. Help with touchups after each wardrobe change, etc.

Please let us know when you contact us.

We never shoot online dating photos in a studio. We want you to look as authentic and casual as possible. There is a place for studio photography, but dating portraits are best done outdoors.

My online dating portraits are shot around Sydney. In Strathfield area, or close to it. Sydney is blessed with so many great photography spots, but to be honest, portraits can be shot pretty much anywhere.

I am a portrait and a boudoir photographer. Visit my Boudoir Photography Sydney page.

If you have a favorite cafe or a park, I can certainly accommodate you. Additional cost may be involved if it’s far from Sydney. Please mention that in your message.

I shoot most of my online dating photos in Sydney, but I’m happy to travel. Some additional cost will be involved. Please let me know your location and I’ll see what I can do.

It’s adorable and highly recommended. In fact, we have even “borrowed” a dog from someone in a park for our images before.

Most online dating agencies will not allow pictures of children in dating profiles. However, you could have a couple of pictures with the rest of your clan in your private collection and share them with your prospective partners privately

If you choose one of the longer sessions, you will have enough time and looks to not only do portraits for online dating but also get some nice headshots. You can use them for your Facebook or LinkedIn profile.

Please let me know where you want to use the images and I’ll direct you slightly differently for LinkedIn, which tends to be more conservative and Facebook where pretty much anything goes.

Additional Info

A “look” is an outfit. 2 different looks mean that you can get images in 2 completely different outfits. One could be casual, one more conservative.

30 min

A quick, no fuss photography session for someone in a hurry.

1.5 hours

More time to relax in front of the camera. More looks, more time to change clothes and more time to get the poses right.

Half day

This session is the most productive. We will have plenty of time to shoot more looks, and different locations too. As many different looks as we can squeeze into 3.5 hours of shooting. You will get more variety of images. Not only online dating photos, but also headshots for your LinkedIn of Facebook.

This session is ideal for someone who wants to register with different online dating agencies. You may want to shoot more conservative images for eHarmony, and something much more casual or sexy for Tinder.

Light retouching means color correction, cropping, removing obvious unwanted marks from the face.

It does not mean slimming, ironing of clothes, tanning, reshaping of the face, removing double chins, etc… All of these things can be done in photoshop, but they are not part of the deal. Plus, for online dating photos, you may want to use Photoshop as little as possible. You still want to look like the picture you posted online.

Having said that, I do offer retouching that would take care of the above-mentioned issues. The price is $25 for 1 or $100 for 5 images.

We can discuss your requirements at the shoot.

I will process the images from the shoot and upload them to your private online gallery. They will be available for you to download within a week from the shoot.

The gallery will have a password to protect your privacy.

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