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We specialise in people photography. Family and children photography, weddings, online dating portraits, and headshots.

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Family Photography

It’s a bit of a privilege to be allowed into your little world for a short while. Capture and preserve moments that make your family uniquely yours. 

Our family photography style is a combination of the traditional and the modern. We will create family portraits the old school. The type that your grandparents will like.  However, we love candid, lifestyle images. Pictures that show who you really as a family at this point in time. Pictures that give a glimpse of your family’s true character.

Wedding Photography

Candid is part of our name and it is exactly what we aim to create when shooting a wedding. Capture the essence of your wedding day; document it unposed and unscripted. 

That being said, we can’t just stop being portrait photographers. If you so desire, we can take a bit of time out of the busy wedding schedule and conduct a little portrait and fashion shoot away from the guests. It would be a shame to let all that hair and makeup, the beautiful dresses, the tuxedos go unnoticed and undocumented.

Online Dating Portraits

If you don’t have a great online dating profile picture then you are certainly missing out on dates. You have about half a second to impress your potential date before you get swiped left. Make that fraction of a second count!

If you’re great at selfies, then you’re all set, but if you’re like the vast majority of us, a little bit of professional help may just give you that edge…

Headshots Photography

Natural light actor headshots, corporate headshots, model portfolios, author portraits or branding images.

We’ll help you get the best and most natural portrait of yourself that you can use to market yourself as an actor a model or a professional.

Our headshots are taken outdoors in natural light, apart from the corporate headshots where we set up a little studio in your office.

Event Photography

We cut our teeth in event photography as freelance photo-journalists by covering red carpet events, fashion catwalks and movie premieres. These events were certainly fun, but being a paparazzi is a young person’s game, and, to be honest, we don’t miss them that much.

These days we’ll happily cover your birthday party, corporate function or religious events like first communion, christenings, etc.

Private Lessons in Photography

If you are passionate about photography, have the right gear, but can’t seem to get the images you were hoping for, maybe a hands-on photography lesson will help. I ran hundreds of private one-to-one photography workshop over the last 10 years.

I taught how to use an SLR camera, compose images and use natural and artificial light. Landscape, portraits or children photography.

If you want to take your photography to the next level, why not get in touch with me and schedule a private photography workshop, and start taking pictures you always wanted.

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