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Hello, I’m Jay…

I am a boudoir photographer based in Sydney

Boudoir photography is about capturing intimate, sexy, often naughty images in a tasteful way. Depending on your mood, the pictures can be provocative or modest, but they are always stylish and beautiful.  We could get philosophical about boudoir photography and the reasons to do it, but to me, it’s rather simple.

Get pampered for a couple of hours with makeup, hair. Wear some stunning lingerie that makes you look beautiful and sexy. Have fun doing intimate and sensual poses, wearing next to nothing. And above all, create amazing, sexy boudoir portraits of yourself to enjoy for years to come.

My boudoir photography style

I like dynamic portrait and boudoir photography. Don’t intend to pose every hair and every finger. You will get directions from me, and as a result, your body will respond in the most natural and beautiful way. I’ll be there, ready to capture it.

First of all, my most important job is to get you to relax in front of the camera and in front of me. I am an extremely friendly man, just ask my mum, but there is another level of trust and chemistry that’s needed between you and me to achieve the type of images that we’re both going to be happy with.

Consequently, my boudoir photography sessions are never a quick production line. I can’t expect to get great facial expressions, sensual looks and sexy poses from a person that just met me. Even professional glamour models take a bit of time to get into the mood. We’ll have time to chat during your hair and makeup session, which usually takes about an hour, and we’ll have 1-2 hours of actual shooting to relax and get the images that we’ll both love.

Boudoir photography Sydney

Location for the boudoir photo shoot

A hotel room in Sydney, AirBnB or your own house will be the best options. I can help you find a place, but you will need to do the booking. I do suggest using your own home as the cheapest and the best option, as you will feel the most comfortable there. We’ll just need a room with decent light for a few hours.

Visitors to Sydney

If you are visiting from out of town, we can combine your visit with a boudoir photo session in your Sydney hotel room. Give me a bit of notice, please, to organise my schedule.

I can and have traveled to do my boudoir portraits away from Sydney. The Blue Mountains, Central Coast. Even shot in Gold Coast. If you live away from Sydney, but still want to book a boudoir session, please contact me. Some additional cost may be involved, but it doesn’t hurt to have a chat about it.

After the shoot

I may take hundreds of images during our boudoir photo shoot. That is the fun part of being a photographer. The job starts with selecting the best images from the session. I expect to get around 35-50 great shots. I will show you every great boudoir shot that I think you may like.

Your selected images will be uploaded to your private, password protected online gallery. From there you can choose the number of images you’d like to purchase. You can get 20 images, or the entire collection; It’s up to you.

I do recommend getting a nice professional photo album as a home for your boudoir images. I use a supplier that creates great quality albums at a very reasonable price. I’ll design the album myself and if you choose to get one, you will receive a copy within 4 weeks from the day you sign off on the final design. Boudoir photography photo album is optional, of course, but they do look beautiful.

You can also order framed prints or canvas enlargements. These images I will enlarge in photoshop to the desired size. I’ll get them professionally printed by a company that offers 75 years quality guarantee. In other words, they are pretty good at what they do.

Boudoir gallery


Boudoir photography session fee


Session fee for boudoir photography covers the following

  • Up to 2 hours of photography with multiple wardrobe changes
  • Professional hair and makeup
  • Private online image gallery

The boudoir photography session fee does not cover any digital files or print products which can be purchased after the shoot has been processed. You will have 35+ images to choose from.

I hope that you like my boudoir photography style and that we can work together soon.

How it works in bullet points

  1. If you’re happy with my boudoir photography style and want to work with me, you can make a booking. Payment of the session fee is essential to confirm the date. The session fee covers the actual shoot, the online gallery and professional hair, and makeup. It does not cover digital files or print products.
  2. On the day of the shoot, I will arrive at hour home or the hotel you are staying at, with a hair and makeup artist and we’ll begin the preparation. You’ll get made up and I’ll set up lights for the shoot.
  3. We’ll start the boudoir session with a few tips and tricks that will help you relax and will consequently make you look your best in front of the camera. I will continue to direct you throughout the shoot, of course. I promise you that it may feel scary at first, but taking glamour and boudoir photos is actually a lot of fun.
  4. After the shoot, but no later than 2 weeks from the shoot, after I’ve done the editing and retouching, I’ll contact you via email with a link to your private online gallery; and the password.
  5. You’ll be able to see all the selected images and you will get to decide wether you want to purchase  a smaller set or the entire collection. You can also choose to get an album with all the images printed or fine art prints as well.
  6. Final high resolution images will be uploaded to another private online gallery where you’ll be able to download them straight to your computer.
  7. If you decide to do your own printing and framing, that will be the end of our work together.
  8. If your order contains an album or framed prints, those will be designed by me and delivered to you about 4 weeks after the sign off date.

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