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Hello, I’m Jay…

… and I’m a boudoir photographer based in Sydney

So, you are thinking about a boudoir photo shoot. Are you doing it for your partner or are you doing it for yourself? Many women do it for their partners, and a boudoir album would certainly make a fantastic gift. But I found that most women just to it for themselves. If you’re hesitating, I promise that you will enjoy seeing yourself in a slightly different light. A boudoir experience will leave you feeling empowered and confident, sexy, and beautiful. Being a male photographer, maybe I can’t fully appreciate how it feels, but having seen the reactions to my boudoir images so many times, I know that it’s true.

If you like my work, send me an email using the contact form below and we’ll discuss options and dates of your boudoir experience.

My boudoir photography style

Almost every woman I photograph tells me that they don’t know how to pose “sexy”. I believe that, but I also believe that every woman can. It’s actually not that difficult. Before every boudoir photo session, I give a few simple tips regarding posing for boudoir. Those tips are a very important part of my photo session because small tweaks can transform an ordinary pose into something beautiful. Also, seeing a grown man demonstrate “sexy” poses usually lightens the mood right from the start.

I like dynamic boudoir photography so I don’t intend to pose every hair and every finger. I will direct you, and as a result, your body will respond in the most natural way and I’ll be there to capture it.

Don’t worry if you’ve never been in front of the camera. I will choose and show you the right poses and I will shoot you in the best light, to make you look beautiful, sexy, and comfortable. This is my job, so don’t worry about it, relax and just leave it to me.

My boudoir sessions are usually 1-2 hours long, plus the time it takes to do your makeup. I don’t want to rush things because boudoir photography is a very personal and intimate experience. It is my job to build the trust required to achieve these poses and expressions. Trust in my ability as a boudoir photographer and trust in my professionalism.


Boudoir photography session fee


The session fee for boudoir photography covers the following

  • Up to 2 hours of photography with multiple wardrobe changes
  • Direction and posing to make sure you get the best photos, even if you’ve never been in front of a camera before
  • Professional retouching and editing of all images
  • Image reveal and ordering session

The session fee covers everything listed above and acts as a non-refundable retainer to confirm and hold your date.

It does not cover hair and makeup, digital files, or print products, which can be purchased after the shoot has been processed. High resolution images start at $40 and albums at $750. Please use the contact form if you need more information.


30% off digital files

* Some conditions apply – Get in touch for details


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Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost?

The boudoir experience can be as little as 500$. That all depends on what products you purchase.  I am here to guide you through the whole process to get you exactly what you want. Please email me to get detailed pricing for digital images, albums, and wall art.

Where will the boudoir session take place?

The most common location for a boudoir shoot is your own home. You will feel comfortable there. For my style of boudoir photography, we’ll just need a room with good natural light for a few hours. If you’re staying in a hotel or AirBnB we can do the shoot there too.

For visitors to Sydney

If you’re visiting Sydney from out-of-town, you can combine it with a boudoir session in a Sydney hotel room. Give me some notice, please, to organise my schedule. Also, when you are booking a hotel room with the intention to do a boudoir photo session, please get a room with the biggest window or best natural light.

Do you travel outside of Sydney?

I shot my boudoir portraits at many locations away from Sydney. The Blue Mountains, Central Coast, even Gold Coast. If you live away from Sydney, but still want to book a boudoir session, please contact me. Some additional travel cost may be involved, but it doesn’t hurt to have a chat about it.

You are a male boudoir photographer…

Yes I am. I know that this is a question often asked. Some women are unsure about a male boudoir photographer, but some prefer them. I think that there are actually quite a few benefits to having a male boudoir photographer. 

Men and women typically see women differently. We notice different things, and we find different things to be sexy; therefore we will most likely also pose you differently. For example, if your images are for your husband or fiance, then maybe it’s not a bad idea to take portraits from a male perspective.

At the end of the day, I am sure that all professional boudoir photographers, male or female will do their utmost to make your boudoir experience a memorable one.

Choose a boudoir photographer whose work you like and I am sure that you will love the experience. 

What is Boudoir Photography

Since you landed on my page you probably already know what boudoir photography is. Beautiful, tasteful and sexy images, taken mostly in the bedroom. Here is the official definition of Boudoir Photography.

Can I book a session with a friend?

Absolutely. If you have a friend who is also interested in a boudoir experience, please bring her along. Also ask me about the specials for booking with friends. Use the form below to message me, or open the Contact Page


I am not a model. I have never done it before. Can you help?

Over the years I have shot women of all ages, shapes and sizes. I always assume that you don’t know anything about posing. You are hiring me to make you look beautiful and it is my job to do it.

The only thing you need to do is to relax and enjoy the experience. The nerves will calm after a few shots and I promise you that you will enjoy the boudoir experience. I also promise you that you’ll get a little bit of a workout. 🙂 

I start the session with a few tips that make your poses shine. Then I’ll guide you and direct you, and often show you exactly what I want you to do. Don’t worry about the process. With great posing and lighting you will get some amazing portraits.

How long is the boudoir experience?

Your session will start with a professional makeup session. This will take just over 1 hour.

The actual boudoir shoot is usually aroud 90 minutes.

Can I do my own makeup?

Yes. Normally makeup is part of the boudoir experience, and it is an essential part. However, if you are happy to do your own makeup or have a great makeup artist, you can organise your own makeup. There will be a discount in the session fee if you choose to do your own makeup.

What to wear/bring to a boudoir session?

Wardrobe for a boudoir session can be a very personal thing. You should bring outfits that make you feel confident, beautiful and sexy. As a guide let me suggest a few things.

Of course lingerie. This could be a 2 piece, or a body suit. Bring a camisole if you have it. In fact bring what you have and I’ll help you make the right choice during the shoot.

Bring something casual as well. A loose t-shirt, a man’s shirt, sexy shorts, jeans, a leather jacket. Even the casual things you wear can be spiced up with the right pose.


Will my photos be on the internet?

I never share images from the shoot without permission. Every client featured on my website or on my Instagram has given me permission to use their images. Privacy is extremely important to me, so if you decide not to share your pictures, that is absolutely fine. If you give me permission, then I’d love to share your pictures so that other women can see what the experience looks and feels like.

How long before we can see our images?

Your images will be available a few days after the shoot. You will be able to view the proofs in your private, password protected gallery.

Do you retouch the images?

Every image in your collection will be enhanced in Photoshop. I am not a fan of changing someone’s face or body dramatically. Retouching normally involves removing skin blemishes, correcting color, and bringing out the natural beauty of the images.

If you order a framed print or canvas, the images will also be properly enlarged to make sure they don’t look blurry, stretched, or pixellated. You can also order your prints to be in color or black and white. 

Can we print our own images?

If you purchase high resolution digital files, you will be able to print your own images. The original digital images will print easily up to A4 or even A3 format.

If you want to print them larger than that, they may have to be properly enlarged to retain sharpness and quality. If you know Photoshop, then this should be no problem for you. Also, for larger images, we do recommend professional printing shops. Your images will look better and they will be printed on much better quality paper.

You can always get me to do the printing for you. Our professional digital lab does the printing on a high quality cotton rag paper and they do framing as well.

How do we order large prints or albums?

You don’t have to order your prints or albums straight away. Contact me at any time after the shoot and let me know what you’d like. I will then process the images again to make sure they have the correct resolution for the enlargements.

I use professional printing and framing company to fulfill the orders. The images will be printed on high-quality fine art cotton rag printing paper. The frames also come with 75 years guarantee.

The albums will be designed by me. I will consult with you on the final draft before I send them to the printers. The common sizes are 6×8″, 8×11″ and 11×14″ or they can be square as well. They come in linen or genuine leather cover.

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