Headshots Sydney

Headshots Pricing:

Headshot Session

Quick – $270

  • 1 hour outdoor shoot with multiple looks
  • Around 30 best images in private online gallery
  • 1 hand retouched image
  • Additional retouching – add $30 per image

Full – $360

  • 2 hour outdoor shoot with multiple looks
  • Around 60 best images in private online gallery
  • 2 hand retouched images
  • Additional retouching – add $30 per image


LinkedIn Photos or Facebook Profile image


  • Up to 30 minutes outdoor session to get a profile image for your online job applications or social media profile.
  • 1 look
  • 10 final images in private online gallery
  • 1 hand-retouched image
  • Additional retouching – add $30 per image


Corporate Headshots

At your office

$350 for the first person – this will cover travel and setup costs
$195 for each additional person. Discounts for larger groups – please request a quote

  • 15-30 minutes session per person
  • 1 look
  • Final images in private online gallery
  • 1 hand-retouched image
  • Additional retouching – add $30 per image


Online Dating Photos, Personal Portraits

Quick – $180
Great if you don’t have much time and only really want a few nice pics.

  • 30 minutes outdoor shoot with 1 look
  • Around 15 best images in private online gallery
  • Retouching available at $30 per image

Full – $360
A longer session which will help you relax in front of the camera to produce nicer images. Bring a few changes of clothes, props like a book, a football, to play with, etc

  • 1.5 hours outdoor shoot with multiple looks
  • Around 50 best images in private online gallery
  • 2 hand retouched images
  • Additional retouching – add $30 per image

Extended – $590
This is a unhurried, relaxed half day photo shoot which will give you a chance to shine. We will shoot different looks and different activities. We can also take pictures at different locations, for example your home, your office, or against some of Sydney’s most iconic backdrops.

  • Half day outdoor shoot with multiple looks at multiple locations
  • Around 100 best images in private online gallery
  • 5 hand retouched images
  • Additional retouching – add $30 per image

Please visit our Online Dating Photography page for more details


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Hair and Makeup

  • Makeup – $100
  • Hair and makeup – $150

Please let us know if you require a makeup artist or hair stylist.

Why you need good headshots and how we help you to get them

Good headshots are great marketing tools to capture attention from industry professionals and help you to land that dream job. Getting good professional headshots is a great investment for your career.

Agents are looking for pictures that convey their client’s personality.

This is harder than you may think. Even the most seasoned professionals feel nervous in front of a camera at times. Imagine this big lens point at you, expecting that your personality just jumps out of you. It’s not going to happen immediately. It takes patience, a bit of guidance and coaching to get the best headshots you’ve ever taken.

We offer amazing pictures and a fun, personalised headshot experience. Our studio is not a factory. We do not mass-produce headshots here. Every headshot session is personal in nature. We are both invested in this process. You, wanting to get the best images you ever had to market yourself to casting agents, and us, creating exceptional photographs that are unique, expressive and showing your personality.

Headshots sessions are unhurried and relaxed. We have never met any actor or model who takes amazing photographs the moment they are put in front of the camera. It takes a while to strip down the protective layers and expose our true personality. It is our job to coach you, guide you and collaborate with you to create a headshot that is distinctly yours. Captivating, fresh and uniquely YOU.

Your Session
A normal Headshot Photography session will be around 1-2 hours. During that time we will capture close to 100 images. We will select the best images from the shoot so at the end of the session we should end up with around 20 great images. We recommend at least 3 different looks, so please bring your change of clothes to the shoot.

Our sessions are very relaxed. Everyone gets nervous in front of the camera so it is our job to help you become comfortable, because only then we will be able to capture the true you! It is in our both interests to make you look as good as possible, and we will.

Social Media Profile Pictures
We’re talking about your Facebook or LinkedIn photos in your profile. For your personal Facebook page a fun selfie is probably the way to go, but if you’re branding yourself on a Facebook businness page or on LinkedIn, then you want people to take you a little bit more seriously. Our quick In-and-Out 30 min studio session is perfect for that. We will choose the best image from the shoot and you could have your facebook or linkedin photos ready and retouched by the end of that day. You only need to open LinkedIn page with profile pictures on it. Profiles that have a professionally done linkedin photo simply stand out. From what we can tell, only about 20% of linkedin users have a good headshot. This may not be a dating profile, but even on a professional social media page like LinkedIn, a great LinkedIn photo is the first thing anyone ever notices. Do yourself a favour and be noticed.

Actor Headshots Sydney
A successful actor headshot doesn’t just make you look good; it also showcases your individual talent and personality. In our studio we’ll let you be yourself, or any character you choose to be. In a very relaxed and unhurried atmosphere we’ll give you space to create your own image, your best pose; and we’ll be there to capture it in the best possible light.
We’ll guide you with your posing and we’ll help you with your expressions. We shoot directly into a computer screen and we’ll sit down with you to analyse the images with you and help you choose the best ones on the spot.

Dating Profile Photography
Online dating has grown in popularity over the last few years. More and more people are looking for friendships and relationships on-line. Professional dating headshots will help you stand out in the crowd of millions. Contrary to a popular opinion, it is not the carefully written content of your online profile that attracts visitors, but your profile photo. A professionally taken dating profile headshot will separate you from the sea of blurry selfies and pictures taken against a bathroom mirror.

We are Dating Profile Photographers as well as a portrait and headshots photographers. We will direct you to capture your best side. You can choose a single online profile image or opt for a full personal profile gallery that showcases your personality. Images are the best way to “sell” yourself in an online dating world. We will capture you in your own environment doing what you love and in the best possible light.

Dating profile portfolio is meant to be a photographic story about YOU. Not only showing you in the best possible light, but also showing the world who you really are. We’ll capture you doing things that ‘describe’ you. We’ll photograph you playing football, if that’s what you like. We’ll shoot you reading a book, or knitting if this is what you want. During our dating headshot session we will help you to be as relaxed and as genuine as possible. We will not rush you to fake cheesy smiles; we will guide you from a photographic point of view, to make sure we capture you in the best light, but the personality will be all yours.

If you ever thought about hiring a Dating Profile Photographer, give us a call. You may not even use this in a dating profile portfolio, but rather as a time capsule that freezes your personality at this particular moment. Use our dating headshot session anyway you want, one thing is certain, we will have a lot of fun.

Hair & Make Up
For men, a hair or makeup artist is usually not necessary. It’s recommend that you bring along some lip balm. We also recommend that you are well hydrated, and keep your skin moisturised.

For women we recommend your make up and hair just be fresh and natural with very minimal foundation.

We can provide professional makeup or makeup + hair for you at additional costs.

Shoes not required for your headshot session. Let’s concentrate on taking a lot great photos of your face only:).

Turn Around Time
Your Actor Headshots will be ready 2-3 working days after your session. An express service with same day delivery is also available for those requiring their images sooner – additional charges may apply.

All images from the headshots Sydney shoot will be available in your private, password protected gallery. There you can choose the images you’d like us to retouch and those will be provided to you in high-resolution.

We will send you a link to your images when the account has been settled. (Funds cleared by the bank, in case of bank transfer)

Both of us are Photoshop specialists and we retouch each image individually and by hand. Some photographers use automated portrait software which saves time but can over-retouch a headshot. Over-whitening the eyes or the teeth or smoothing the skin so much that it loses it’s texture. A headshot should be retouched to remove blemishes but it must still be an image of a person who will walk in for their audition.

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