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At Candid Town Photography, our number one priority is to help you capture memories that you will treasure for a lifetime. We will arrange for a photoshoot at your home, a local park, or just about any other place of your choosing. We know that the best pictures result from relaxed and fun environments, so leave all the stress of family picture day behind. Whether you are interested in a children’s photographer or would like a portrait of the whole family, you will receive personal attention from Jay and Yvonne. They will take every measure to ensure that your photoshoot is stress-free and enjoyable while creating beautiful pictures that will last a lifetime.

The Process

Our photography session will take anything from 30 minutes to a few hours. We will then carefully select the best photographs from the photoshoot, and we will professionally retouch them using Photoshop and Lightroom. In this way we can enhance the colors, remove any unwanted background images, perfectly adjust the contrast, and enhance the natural beauty to create stunning pictures for your collection.

About 3 weeks from your family shoot the completed photographs will then be uploaded to an online gallery.

Online Gallery

We know that you will be so excited to share this gallery with your family and friends! Also, you will have the convenient option of downloading your favorite digital images directly from the gallery. You can also use the online gallery to select which images you would like to have made into either canvas or framed prints. Simply let us know which ones you choose and we will order these products for you.

Also, if you would like to order an album, we will design it for you and you will be able to proof it through a similar gallery.


Frequently Asked Questions

The price of the session will depend on the number of photographs you’d like and the presentation options. Our digital collections start at $650, custom designed albums start at $550 and framed wall portraits at $260. For detailed pricing or to book a session please email us or call our studio on 0432 852 966.
Yes. We have digital packages starting at $650.
The number of images will depend on the package that you choose. Please contact us for details.
Your images will be in your online gallery within 3 weeks of the shoot.
You can order your prints and albums on the phone or via email. You can also visit our studio.
We are experts in Photoshop and retouch every image that we upload to the gallery. If we think that an image may work well in black and white we upload that version as well. Please feel free to ask us about the amount of retouching you would like to have for your images.
We can organise your shoot in your home or one of many wonderful parks or beaches in Sydney. If you do have a favorite spot, please let us know and we assess its suitability for photography. Some places are better than others. If you don’t have a favorite spot, leave it up to us. We’ll find a spot that is convenient and great for family photography.
Your family photo-shoot is a record of who you are as a family at this time. What we recommend is to avoid wearing clothes with strong patterns or visible logos. Also pay a little attention to coordinate the colors. Earthy colors work better than strong, bright reds, greens, etc.

For children, bring anything that makes them look cute in your eyes. Accessories like hats, jewellery, favorite costumes work quite well too. Bring whatever suits your personality and something that is comfortable and lets you enjoy yourself during the shoot.

Yes. Please let us know if you need a makup artist for the shoot. We can organise one at an additional cost.
If we chose an outdoor location and the weather fails us, we can reschedue the shoot for another day.
If you need to change your appointment for any reason, please let us know as soon as you can, so we can re-organise our schedule as well. We’ll find you a spot at another day.
We often call it a day in the live of a family. We’ll spend a few hours with your family being a fly on the wall. We will document your family as it is, doing things you love, being yourselves. Family photojournalism. In this session we will create less posed images, concentrate rather on your activities and document your family life as naturally as possible. We recommend an album with all the images from the session which you will enjoy as a family for years to come


Why use CandidTown as your family photographer

As a parent you probably love taking pictures of your children, and we encourage this! That is why we offer photography workshops. But it’s also important to step out from behind the camera and make those memories with your children, which a professional family photographer can capture in a beautiful and unique way. Photos of your children are wonderful, but it’s pictures of the whole family together that you will probably treasure the most.

Candid Town Family Photography stands out from the rest because of the skills, knowledge and passion that Jay and Yvonne, Sydney Family Photographers bring to every shoot. The two have extensive knowledge about every element of photography, including camera settings, lighting and composition.

How we work

Rather than taking on individual clients, Jay and Yvonne always work together in order to create the best possible photographs for every family they work with. In working as a team, they can accomplish much more than a single photographer could.

They are able to employ advanced lighting techniques – while one of them is taking pictures, the other directs the light via external flashers and reflectors to get the best possible outcome for every picture.

They take great pride in their work and constantly strive to deliver the highest quality photographs to every client. To accomplish this, Candid Town’s Family Photography Sydney only works with the latest professional grade cameras and the best lenses and lights. They would never risk sacrificing quality by relying on inferior camera equipment. They know they are in the business of capturing memories for a lifetime, and they do not take that responsibility lightly.

Baby and Children Photography Sydney

We know all too well how quickly children grow. As a parent, you want to freeze every moment in time so you can continue to enjoy that beautiful stage of your child’s life.

Although Jay and Yvonne can’t freeze time, they are able to help you preserve those memories forever. Candid Town Family Photography – Sydney specializes in Baby and Children photography. That time in your child’s life seems to go by in the blink of an eye, but with the help of Jay and Yvonne’s expertise, you can have beautiful portraits of your baby that you will always cherish.

We know you will want to capture every stage of this magical time in your child’s life. The best time for baby or children photography is around three months because this is the time when your baby will start using facial expressions and will be able to lift their head. Candid Town Photography would love to help capture some of your baby’s first smiles. Jay and Yvonne are passionate children’s photographers in Sydney. They know that baby photoshoots cannot be treated the same as the ones for adults. They have learned from their extensive experience the best techniques and lighting to use to create a breathtaking portrait that you will hold dear for years to come.

Lifestyle Family Photography

At Candid Town Photography, we love to capture the most authentic and beautiful images of families through lifestyle family photography. This photoshoot option entails Jay and Yvonne capturing memories in real time as your family enjoys themselves doing the things that they love.

This particular style of photography session usually lasts from 2-4 hours and can involve multiple locations. For example, you could invite us to your home where we spend some time unobtrusively capturing your normal daily activities. Maybe baking your favorite cake in the kitchen, reading your favorite book, then we could dash to a nearby park and capture you playing outside; soccer, cricket, or just having a picnic.

From this shoot, we will produce 80-100 natural and artistically retouched images, from which you can choose your favorites to make into prints. The best way to preserve these lifestyle family photography sessions is an album. We design these albums ourselves as a story book. A day in a life of a beautiful family, if you will. These albums will contain all of the best images from the day.

A session fee for Lifestyle Family photography is $250. This is due to a much longer shooting time, multiple locations and a larger number of photos delivered.

Is Lifestyle photography the same as candid photography?
It’s similar but not quite the same. With candid photography, many children tend to turn their backs to the camera. Oftentimes children can get shy when there’s a stranger following them around with a big camera. Our technique is a little different. We work to gain trust with the children so that they welcome us into their world and happily share their experiences. That is a big part of why these sessions tend to last a little longer than typical ones.

Posed Family Photography
In our lifestyle family photography sessions we candidly capture unscripted and undirected moments in the life of a family. In our experience, however, that iconic image of everyone in the family facing the camera in a posed position while smiling happily, is still very popular, especially among older people. This is the image that our grandparents often prefer.

Even during our Lifestyle family photography session we make sure we capture a number of those classical family pictures, to make sure we satisfy everyone’s taste. Whatever you have in mind, we are here to help you capture the perfect image with our high quality equipment, skilled photographers and professional environment.

If you’d like to discuss any options, request our comprehensive price list or have any questions, please email us at


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