Headshots Sydney

Jay and Yvonne are headshot photographers in Sydney. They work from their home studio which is equipped with professional lighting and camera equipment. They prefer to work in a studio for headshots because it ensures a very relaxed atmosphere with all the attention focused on capturing the perfect expression, rather than finding a location and good light.

Headshots Sydney aims to help actors, models and business people market themselves and grab the attention of industry professionals. You may need an actor’s headshot, an image for your online profile in Linkedin or for personal branding, our job is to deliver photographs that will impress. In our studio we will work with you to produce a headshots portfolio that will capture the essence of you in the best possible light.

Headshot photography is all about the expressions. You will be guided through the headshot session to extract those great expressions that may be hidden inside of you. Jay and Yvonne, the Sydney headshots photographers will work with you to get you the best images you have ever taken.

In order to produce the best headshot photography portfolio we will shoot at least 3 different looks. This way you will be able to use images for different marketing purposes and different jobs. We will ask you to bring a few changes of clothes and we will help you choose the right combination for the best results.

Our headshots Sydney session is designed to be relaxed but productive. We will shoot tethered which means we get our images straight into our 27″ Mac to view and critique. We will work with you to provide exactly the kind of looks you were hoping for. Every 15 minutes we will sit down with you to review headshots we have just taken. We will help you decide which photographs best represent ‘you’.  Our Sydney headshots photography studio is all about delivering the look that you’re after and working with you to achieve it.

Headshot photography is a tool for you to get jobs therefore it is extremly important that you leave our studio fully satisfied with the results. We will take around 100-200 images during our sydney headshot photography session, which usually lasts around 2 hours. We’ll sit down with you at the end of the session to choose around 50 best images which we then upload to a password protected gallery. In that gallery you will then choose the best headshots and we will professionally retouch them for you.

Corporate headshots – Sydney. Get professionally taken headshots of your entire team in one session. We will bring our lighting, background and a laptop to your offices and set up a mini photography studio. Corporate headshots are the first opportunity your customers will have to “meet” your team while browsing your website. Make a good impression on them by showing your team in the best possible light; and you can only achieve it with professionally taken corporate headshots.

Photography Courses Sydney

Candid Town offers Photography Courses in Sydney area. Aimed at those who have a powerful digital SLR camera and wish to learn how to use it properly.

Digital SLR cameras are often marketed as being able to take magnificent images; and they can, but not if they are being used in full Auto mode. When those cameras are sold all of its controls are set to automatic. The camera will choose the aperture, the shutter speed, the ISO. It will even choose the subject of the image with full Auto-Focus. In fully automatic mode the big SLR camera is nothing but an expensive and heavy point-and-shoot.

Join one of our photography courses – Sydney and learn how to operate your powerful SLR camera in manual mode. In our photography workshops we will teach you what every one of those buttons in your camera does. You will be able to use your photographic tool with confidence. You will know how to change the settings depending on the light conditions.

A Sydney photography workshop is ideal to learn how to operate the camera and produce beautiful images in manual mode. Our photography courses are fun and very informative; with photographic theory explained in plain English and with lots of practice to cement the knowledge.

A 3 hour photography course in Sydney is also ideal in terms of length and material covered. We will teach you in 3 hours more than you would learn in a long community photography college. And 3 hours is probably the maximum that anyone can fully concentrate in any course. About half of the workshop is dedicated to photographic theory and the rest to actual exercises and practical application.

Our photography courses – Sydney cater for both novices and advanced enthusiasts. If you are completely new to photography, we will teach you the fundamentals of photography and we’ll show you how to operate your own camera with confidence. If your skills are more advanced you may want to learn more advanced techniques like on and off camera flash lighting. Light modifiers like soft-boxes or reflectors. Posing techniques or practical information regarding wedding photography or family photography.

We have a Sydney photography course dedicated especially to parents where we’ll teach you to use your camera to capture beautiful images of your children and the rest of the family. You will participate in a real family photography shoot and learn ‘on the job’ so to speak. Learn the techniques, the camera settings, the choice of lenses and tricks to capture amazing images of your kids. Baby photography is one of our specialties and we’d love to share our knowledge with parents.

Event Photography Sydney – Corporate Events – Corporate Portraits

J and Yvonne are Event photographers in Sydney

Jay and Yvonne are event photographers in Sydney and they are available to capture all of the important moments of your event to ensure that your memories truly do last a lifetime. Having captured many corporate events, red carpet events and personal events they will ensure that their photography will capture the essence of your event; it’s unique features, all the details including the guests, decor, food and drinks and the venue itself.

They offer both commercial event photography as well as social and private event photography in Sydney.

Event Photography Sydney covers corporate events such as Exhibitions, Awards Nights, Corporate Celebrations, Trade Shows, Media Photography, Public Relations, corporate Christmas Parties as well as Private functions such as Milestone Birthdays, Special Achievement or Engagement parties, Baptisms, Mitzvahs or First Communions.

Use the contact page to get in touch with Sydney  Event photographers – J and Yvonne. They will be happy to cover your corporate event or a private function. You will receive high resolution images from your event, but you can also order designer albums.

CandidTown Photography – Event photographers Sydney offer a quick turnaround of your event photos. Images from your corporate event or a private function will be available to download from a secure website within 4 days of the event. An express 24 hour turnaround of your event pictures can be arranged for a small additional fee.

All high resolutin images of your event are stored in a secure website and available to download at any time for 6 months after your event.

J, together with his wife Yvonne is a Sydney Family Photograper, Baby Photographer and Children Photographer. Candid Town specialises in People photography and that includes Sydney Portrait photography and Sydney Headshot Photography.
Jay also runs Photography Courses – Sydney.

  • Please refer to our Sydney Family Photography page for details about your investment.
  • Jay and Yvonne will photograph your family or children in their studio or outdoors. They are also happy to travel to your own place and photograph your family in the comfort of your own home.
  • Headshot Photography will be done in their home studio, but they are happy to arrange an outdoor session as well.
  • Photography Courses will be conducted in outdoor locations around Sydney. Jay is also happy to arrange workshops in your own home or any location of your choosing.

Family Photography Sydney

Let Candid Town Photography capture natural and lasting family portraits that will be cherished for ever. Our Sydney Family Photography sessions are relaxed and fun – conducted either in our home studio or in many wonderful parks around Sydney. We are also happy to travel to your place and photograph your family at your own home or any other place of your choosing.

In our Photography Courses in Sydney we try to encourage anyone who owns a powerful digital SLR camera to capture beautiful images of their family, but there are many benefits of hiring a professional Sydney Family Photographer. For example, if you always run around taking snapshots of your children, you will never actually be in any of the children photographs. Let a professional family photographer take the pictures and the whole family can be captured in the same, memorable frame.

When you hire a Sydney Family Photographer you will have family photographs that you will cherish for a life time. You will also receive personal attention from Jay and Yvonne; photographers who will take their time to ensure that your family photography session is as enjoyable as possible and your images are unique and personal.

One of the reason their photography stands apart from other family photographers in Sydney is that they always attend a family photography sessions together. Jay and Yvonne take great pride in their work and strive to deliver the best quality photographs your family has ever had. To do that they employ advanced lighting techniques; while one of them is taking the photographs the other is directing light via external flashes and reflectors. This cannot be achieved with only one photographer. Candid Town Photography also shoot with the latest professional grade cameras lenses and lights to insure that there is no compromise on image quality by using inferior camera equipment.

Another benefit of choosing Candid Town’s Family Photography Sydney is our attention to detail. Every image that we present to you will be retouched to remove unwanted distractions from the background, to correct the contrast and color balance, to enhance the natural beauty of the image and turn it into a beautiful work of photographic art.

Jay and Yvonne are dedicated Sydney Family Photographers with extensive knowledge in camera settings, lighting and composition which they also share with students in their Photography Courses – Sydney.

Baby and Newborn Photography Sydney

Your children grow very fast and change so quickly. Memories of our childhood are always the fondest and the most cherished. Candid Town Baby Photography Sydney will help you capture and preserve those memories for ever.

Jay and Yvonne are passionate Baby photographers in Sydney. They always take pictures together because that is the best way to deliver images of the highest quality to their customers. The best time for baby photography is around three months. This is the time when they start showing expressions on their faces. You will see them smile and they can lift their head for a much better shot.

Baby photography is all about timing. Small children cannot be posed like adults. The moments can only be captured when shooting in candid style. It requires skill and practice to photograph children at the best time and from the best angle. Let Sydney baby and newborn photographers capture and preserve the wonderful memories that will stay with you for years to come.

Newborn Photography is especially challenging. To create those beautiful images of a newborn, correct timing is essential. We recommend booking your sydney newborn photography session when the baby is 1 to 4 weeks old. At that time the newborn spends most of the time sleeping.

Please book your newborn photography session in Sydney when you are 8-9 months pregnant, to insure that we can find a spot for you. You can come to our home studio with your newborn or we can arrange a newborn photography session in the comfort of your own home. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about photographing your newborn baby. We will be more than happy to help you and guide you with your choices.

Another benefit of hiring a Baby Photography Sydney – Jay and Yvonne is that you will receive great images that you will be proud to show off. Each baby photograph that is presented to a customer has been carefuly selected and beautifully retouched to get the best out of each image. Retouching images is part of photography for Jay and Yvonne. It is important that each photograph of a child is as good as it can possibly be.