Jay Smolak

I’ve been photographing the world for as long as I can remember. My first real camera was a Canon A1. It was a great professional-grade film camera which I could only buy second-hand, as back then good cameras were insanely expensive. Back then, I also had to learn how to operate it in manual mode. There was no screen at the back of the camera to check if the pictures looked OK.

I always enjoyed taking pictures of people. I photographed events, weddings, headshots, but these days I usually only take portraits, boudoir, and occasionally families. I also enjoy teaching photography. I offer private photography lessons for anyone who wants to learn how to properly use the camera, or how to pose people. Details on my photography workshops page.

My Portraits style

I don’t have many rules when it comes to portrait photography. I believe that most women want to look beautiful, and most men want to look cool. If I can accomplish that in a portrait session, I’m happy, and my customers will be happy too.

I always start my sessions with a quick posing guide. Nothing complicated, just a few things that will help anyone look better in pictures. How to stand, or sit to look good, what to do with the hands, smile, or not. How to change facial expressions to look confident, but at the same time, friendly and approachable.

I want my online dating portraits to look authentic. Like they were taken by your best friend who has a great camera. I want your portraits to look like there is a connection between you and the person taking your pictures. To show the kind of facial expressions you only show to someone close to you. Engaging or flirtatious. And to capture real smiles…

More info on the online dating portraits page

My Boudoir Style

Almost every woman I photograph tells me that they don’t know how to pose “sexy”. I believe that, but I also believe that every woman can. It’s actually not that difficult. Before every photography session, I give a few simple tips regarding posing for boudoir. Those tips are a very important part of my photo session because small tweaks can transform an ordinary pose into something beautiful. Also, seeing a grown man demonstrate “sexy” poses usually lightens the mood right from the start.

I like dynamic boudoir photography so I don’t intend to pose every hair and every finger. I give instructions, wait for the body to naturally get into the pose, and I’ll have my camera ready to capture it. I don’t expect anyone to know boudoir posing. I will choose and demonstrate the right poses and I will shoot in the best light. 

For details head over to the boudoir photography page.

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