Online dating and social media portraits

Your picture is the most important part of your online dating profile

Let me help you make a great first impression


If you’re nervous or unsure about doing a portrait session, I don’t blame you. I don’t like my pictures taken either, and I’m a photographer. It’s not something that we do every day. Well, unless you are some sort of Instagram star, but then you wouldn’t be here, would you?

I photographed hundreds of portraits and headshots and I can assure you, even models and actors get nervous in front of the camera. The best advice I can give you is not to worry about it. I will direct you with posing, help you with wardrobe choices, find the best angles to take your photographs. But most importantly I’ll make you comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera.

You’ll go away with great images and you may even enjoy the photo session. Most people do. You will have a number of headshots, half and full body pictures, and you can use them not only on your dating profile but update your Facebook or LinkedIn profiles as well. If all that sounds good to you then come for a portrait session.

Portrait pricing

1 Hour – $250
  • 1 hour shooting time
  • Up to 3 outfit changes
  • 25 best images in private gallery

2 Hours – $360
  • 2 hours shooting time
  • As many outfits as you can squeeze in
  • 50 best images in private gallery


  • Retouching $25 each image or $100 for 5

Frequently Asked Questions

I really hate having my photo taken.

Everyone says that. I have never met anyone who says that they’re rock-stars in front of the camera. We’ll start with a chat, maybe a coffee and slowly ease into the photo session. The idea is to get you comfortable with me and comfortable being the focus of attention. I’ll get the most out of you and will help you step out of your comfort zone, which is where you get the most natural looking images.

I’m the least photogenic person.

If I had a dollar every time someone says that to me… No one is naturally photogenic. Even the supermodels spend their lives perfecting the poses and expressions. If you are like most people, you probably only had a few dozen pictures taken in your lifetime and never really knew what to do when someone pointed a camera in your direction. In our session I will show you the poses that look good and we will shoot up to 500 images. I think we will get a few great pictures.

Is the shoot outdoors or in a studio?

All portrait sessions are shot outdoors. Usually in and around Hurstville. I want the images to look un-posed and as natural as possible. I want them to look as if they were taken by your best friend with a very expensive camera. Studio images will make you look like you’re trying too hard. 🙂

When can I see the images?

I will email you a link to your private gallery within a few days from the shoot. It will contain images cropped, resized and ready to upload to your online profile. You can download the image files directly from the gallery.

What about retouching?

Retouching online dating portraits needs to be very subtle. You still need to look like the picture that you post online. I remove skin imperfections, acne or any non permanent marks. Fix a double chin if possible, smooth wrinkled shirts, etc. I do recommend it for women, in addition to makeup or even instead. If you choose to have a few of your images retouched, I will do that within a day or 2. I’ll upload them to your gallery as well.

What should I wear?

You want to wear something that makes you comfortable and confident. If you choose longer sessions, bring a few changes of clothes with you and we shoot them in different outdoor settings, so you have variety. You will want the images to look like they were taken on different days rather than one photo session. The style of clothes is really up to you. If you wear suits or more formal gear, wear that, but bring some casual clothes as well. Variety is the key.


I do recommend makeup for women. A picture is the most important part of your profile and you want to give yourself a bit of an edge. What it will also do is give you a bit more confidence, which will show in your images.