Online dating and social media photography

One thing that matters more than anything else on your online dating profile is your picture. Don’t believe your well-meaning friends who keep telling you that it’s your personality that counts. It doesn’t! 🙂 Nobody cares about our personality unless there is at least a hint of physical attraction.


Good photos can drastically increase your chances of getting more communication and dates, bad ones can often work against you. You can get very scientific about it, but common sense dictates the following:

Blurry, poor quality or very small images will not help you in your search. It seems obvious, but most pictures on dating websites are just like that. Duck-face selfies, images taken against a bathroom mirror and especially very tight headshot where you obviously cut out your ex are going to kill your chances at a decent date.

What you want is really quite simple and universal. Confidence with approachability. If you’re a man, you show more confidence and if you’re a woman, you show more approachability. But how does one achieve this in a photograph, you may ask yourself. Well that is my job as a photographer to squeeze out of you.


I’m a portrait photographer, here in Sydney, and I’ll work with you to create images that show you from your best side. We’ll use your photos as a primary tool to express who you are, what you love to do, where you love to go and what type of lifestyle you lead. It is important to take pictures of great quality, but shot in such a way that they don’t scream professional photographer. They should look like they could almost be taken by your friend with a really good camera.

I call these images environmental portraits. Images that show you doing things that you like, being at places that are important to you. A good portrait can really tell a thousand words.

Online Dating Photography Pricing:


Quick – $200
Great if you don’t have much time and only really want a few nice pics.

  • 30 minutes natural light photo session
  • 1 look
  • Around 20 best images in private online gallery
  • Retouching available at $30 per image

Full – $360
A longer session which will help you relax in front of the camera to produce nicer images. Bring a few changes of clothes, props like a book, a football, to play with, etc

  • 2 hours natural light photo session
  • Multiple looks
  • Around 100 best images in private online gallery
  • 1 hand retouched image
  • Additional retouching – add $30 per image

Extended – $690
This is a unhurried, relaxed half day photo shoot which will give you a chance to shine. We will shoot different looks and different activities. We can also take pictures at different locations, for example your home, your office, or against some of Sydney’s most iconic backdrops.

  • Half day natural light photo session
  • Multiple looks and multiple locations
  • Around 200 best images in private online gallery
  • 4 hand retouched images
  • Additional retouching – add $30 per image