Auto Iso on Fujifilm X-T2

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I saw a comment made by one of the prominent YouTube reviewer about the Fujifilm X-T2 auto Iso options. On a list of Pros and Cons they listed the 3 Auto Iso options as a Con, stating that it was unnecessarily complicated. Hm… Whatever do they mean? Offering users 3 options rather than just one was unnecessary and cumbersome. They …

Fuji X-T2 battery life

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Every reviewer out there complains about the poor battery life on a mirrorless camera. I think by now, they should stop comparing it with a DSLR, acknowledge that mirrorless uses much more battery than a DSLR and perhaps just compare  battery life among mirrorless cameras only. There really is no point moaning how apples don’t quite taste like oranges. Battery …

Fujifilm camera cashback offer

Fujifilm cashback on X-Pro2 and selected lenses

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I have to say, I was lucky when 2 weeks ago my online store cancelled my orders and refunded the money citing lack of stock of the X-T2 camera. At the time I ordered all the lenses that I wanted as well, but I cancelled the entire order. How lucky was that? Yesterday I went to DigiDirect and found out …

Funifilm X-T2 camera view from top

Ordered new Fuji gear

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I ordered a Fujifilm X-T2 with 18-55mm kit lens last night and hoping to get my hands on it before the weekend. Possible, but I am not holding my breath. I opted for the 18-55, rather than the 18-135, which I was thinking of simply because that combination was not offered. Also, I think I want to have the equivalent …

Metz mecablitz M400

Metz mecablitz M400

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So there are options for a flash on a Fuji with TTL, after all. Not yet available, but Metz just announced their new line of flashes at Photokina. They don’t have a price yet, but if it’s going to be similar to their current models, it should be around 250UD$. Hopefully less than 300AU$. It’s going to a compact flash, a …