About us

about-us-001Hello from J and Yvonne,

We are a husband and wife photographers based in Sydney. Our passion lies in collecting moments and bringing out the best in you for your photos. We draw creative inspirations from each other and share a wonderful life together traveling around the world, trying weird and tasty food, photographing amazing places and people.

Janusz (J)

J has been taking pictures since he was 8 years old. Initially photography was his great passion and only a hobby, but later he turned it into a business shooting anything from weddings, portraits and events. J is a photography lighting experts who can find/read light in different lighting conditions. He is also running popular Photography workshops in Sydney.


Yvonne is a photojournalist and lifestyle photographer with a style consisting of contemporary and fresh imagery. Yvonne believes people are the most beautiful when they feel comfortable with just being themselves. She loves helping you to feel and look at your best during a photo shoot. Yvonne’s editorial and portrait work has been published worldwide.

Contemporary And Fresh Headshots Photography

Our passion lies within capturing you and your spirit during your headshot session and we work together to create a relaxed and enjoyable experience to make you feel comfortable and confident at the same time. With an eye for perfect moments and unique beauty, we create headshots that are captivating, fresh and uniquely you. We look forward to sharing an amazing photo shoot experience with you and bringing out the best in you for your photos.



Our Studio


We use our studio for headshot and portfolio sessions as well as our photography workshops. It is equipped with professional camera and lighting equipment to insure that images that we take are technically flawless. We all know that in headshots or portraits photography a camera is just a tool to capture images. It is in the hands of the photographer to  create the right mood, the right poses to get the right expressions. We just make sure that the tools we use are of the highest quality.



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